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Are we are entering the era of tchotchke content?

AI creating endless recyclable (well who knows the carbon impact...might be closer to landfillable...) internet things. Most will little to no use beyond fleeting entertainment and/or unverifiable, unsourced, infotainment and the hunt is on to see which human-bot tag team breaks through to influence/inspire the bot-on-bot content we neither crave, nor need, but dangnabbit we shall drink and hold, and with great slimy fisty thirsts. Peak content giving way to peak peak content, and when we peak behind that content we will see the dusty apparitions of creativity stagnated to what was (flatulent content?).

All this said I am excited to have the robots finally help me make more He-Man/Seinfeld fanfic to share with my two readers on the 18th substack I created to auto-blog for a twitter feed I hope will create ad revenue to build server capital for my crypto allowance. By the power of Grayskull (coin)!

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